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2022 Sandlot Fun Days

We are excited to present our Sandlot Fun Days for ages 6-12!! Join us for a player-led, unstructured opportunity for players to come together for a fun, relaxed game of baseball or softball, where kids make the rules, make the lineups, and make the calls. 

Like a pickup game in any sport, it all starts with showing up. Every Sandlot game will be its own party, and every party is about having fun and just playing.  Could be full games, could be games like Tiger ball (games setup to be played with less than 9 players a team), or could even be other games (Home Run Derby, etc.). With two fields at Bar-S, we can have up to two different types of games going, depending on how many and who show up, we may use both fields or consolidate to a single field.

The pre-registration assists us with advance planning. Games may be canceled due to low registration. Help spread the word to your friends and family! Sandlot Fun Days are open to everyone and do not require players to be located within WSLL boundaries.

  • Players must meet age requirements
  • Each dugout must have an approved adult volunteer.
  • Players must adhere to all player safety guidelines, such as:
  • All batters must wear protective helmets, while batting and while on base.
  • Catchers must wear approved catcher’s equipment.
  • Pitch counts must be followed (should be kept by approved adult volunteer).
  • Proper pitching distances must be followed.
  • Bases that disengage their anchor must be used.

While we will not use coaches, we will need adult supervisors at all games. West Seattle Little League is a 100% volunteer run organization. We can only offer additional opportunities for players to get more time on the field if our baseball community steps in to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please ensure you selected a volunteer position during registration. If we are unable to secure sufficient volunteer support, the Sandlot games will be canceled.

Volunteer roles needed to support Sandlot Fun Days:
  • Field Prep
  • Dugout managers to ensure player safety
  • Catcher (for 7-8 year old games)
  • Pitcher

For Sandlot Fun Day questions, contact [email protected].


Registration closes on 08/28/2022 at 04:00 PM
Season Dates: 07/28/2022 to 08/28/2022

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