West Seattle Little League offers a coaches clinic before the start of each season.

For our new T-ball coaches here is a link to a Tee Ball specific curriculum. 
For our new Coach Pitch coaches here is a link to a 12-week practice program.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Managers/Coaches Code of Conduct:

-Remember that the children are here to HAVE FUN!
-Place the emotional and physical well-being of players at the top of your priorities.
-Emphasize and foster a team atmosphere and not individual achievements.
-Lead by example with good sportsmanship, positive attitude and respect for players, teammates, coaches, umpires and parents.
-Present exemplary behavior during all WSLL related activities.
-Comply with established game, League and National Little League rules.
-Organize practices that are fun, challenging and develop skills for ALL players.
-Managers will make every effort to draft the best available player in order to create a level playing field.
-Respect that all rulings by an umpire on the field are final.  Get back to the game, DO NOT continue to discuss the matter.
-Help maintain a clean and safe playing environment including adherence to all guidelines outlined in our current safety plans and especially those around COVID-19. 
-Will not use tobacco, drugs, alcohol or offensive language while involved in/around WSLL activities.

Manager/Coach Code of Conduct Violation Consequences

I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action levied by the WSLL Executive Board or Code of Conduct Committee that could include, but is not limited to the following:

Step 1-  For each individual formal complaint of an event, the WSLL Executive Board + Director Of Coaching will determine if the event is a Minor or Major incident.

Step 2-  WSLL Executive Board + Director of Coaching to take suggested Consequence Option to Board, full Board determines the final consequence:

Minor Offense (EB+DOC) makes the decision of consequence, but will also notify full Board of incident.

a.  Verbal Warning is issued from WSLL President to offender, no note in file.  Simple warning to change behavior.

Major Offense (EB+DOC) makes the decision of consequence, but will also notify full Board of incident.

a.  Consequence Option 1:  Verbal and Written notice of violation into file, no further actions.
b.  Consequence Option 2:  One game suspension; Written notice into file, Coach holds team meeting with parents and kids to address and admit inappropriate actions.
c.  Consequence Option 3:  Coach is relieved of duty (cannot manage/coach, no dugout, no practice attendance).  Basically, becomes spectator.

-After a 2nd Major Offense, Option 3 is automatically applied as decision.

Violation of Major Offense to carryover with Coach for any future days/years while volunteering with WSLL.  No “new-starts” from year to year.

I agree to comply with WSLL Code of Conduct and will accept suggest Consequence determined by WSLL Board.


What is the inclement weather policy?
Inclement weather closure depends on the field - all SPARC fields, excluding Bar-S, will be called by Parks during the day. If the rain is too heavy and Parks haven't notified WSLL of field closures, coaches and umps can make the call, keeping safety and comfort of the players in mind.

If there is lightning around - and this is applicable for all fields - games must be delayed until 30 mins after the last lightning strike was observed.

For Bar-S: 
- If there is either consistent rain over time or heavy rain during the day of the game, WSLL's field maintenance manager will make the call by 3:15pm if game/no game based on the conditions.
- If rain is forecasted to come between 3:15 and 4:45pm, the WSLL coaches manager and field maintenance manager will communicate directly with the coaches impacted.
- If rain comes through late, rainout decision will be up to the discretion of the coaches and ump.

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