Coaches Code of Conduct

The West Seattle Little League (WSLL) Bylaws outlines WSLL's Code of Conduct for Parents, Players, Managers/Coaches and Umpires. It is provided to ensure all participants understand and practice principles of behavior that support the purpose of Little League (LL), which “believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities.”

Considering this, the Code of Conduct is designed to instill and maintain the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity, fairness, and professionalism in the WSLL program. All Parents, Players, Managers/Coaches, and Umpires accept responsibility for adhering to the Code of Conduct upon registration into WSLL.


WSLL recommends using the FREE USA Baseball app, which provide coaching education resources which include: Certifications, Athlete Development Model (ADM), Pitch Smart, BASE (Baseball Athlete Safety Education), and Coaching Clinics.

Below are some LL required and (1) and WSLL and LL recommended coaching certifications.  Starting in the 2024 season, Little League International is requiring Abuse Awareness training as part of the annual Little League Volunteer Application, along with the annual background check.

Abuse Awareness Training (LL REQUIRED)Complete one of the following: 
USA Baseball BASE Abuse Awareness Training (part of Coach “A” Certification) 
·  SafeSport Trained (part of ACE Coach Training)

USA Baseball Certification Pathways - Coach (WSLL RECOMMENDED)
·  Tee Ball & Coach Pitch (Baseball): USA Baseball Coach "A" Certification (free online)
·  Rookies & Minors (Baseball): USA Baseball Coach "B" Certification (free online)
·  Majors, Intermediate, Juniors, & All-Stars (Baseball): USA Baseball Coach "C" Certification (free online)

USA Softball ACE Coach Training (WSLL RECOMMENDED)
ACE has four levels and a coach is only allowed to take one test/level per year.  Please email the Director of Coaching to register, so the league can pay the registration fee directly.
·  Rookies (Softball): ACE Level Coach Education (online - nominal fee)
·  Minors (Softball): ACE Level Coach Education (online - nominal fee)
·  Majors and Juniors (Softball): ACE Level Coach Education
 (online - nominal fee)

Diamond Leader Training (LL RECOMMENDED)
·  Little League Diamond Leader Training (free online)

There are many coaching clinics offered online or in person. Below are organizations we have partnered with in the past and WSLL will consider covering coaching clinic registration fees. Please contact the Director of Coaching for approval and reimbursement.

·  Positive Coaching Alliance: Online Courses & Live Workshops (nominal fee)
·  On BASE Coaches Clinic (FREE): Seattle Mariners
·  Baseball Positive
·  Go Time Athletics


Managers and coaches are asked to play many roles throughout the season. Here are some resources that will help.

Coaching, particularly in youth sports, is more about developing the person rather than improving their skills in a particular sport. Below are some recommended podcasts that may help you develop your coaching philosophy:
·  Dare to Lead - Dr. Pippa Grange on Fearing Less
·  Dare to Lead - Developing an infinite mindset
·  Worklife - Problem with All-Stars
·  Hidden Brain - How to Believe in Yourself

WSLL recommends using the FREE USA Baseball app, which includes The Mobile Coach which is a tool aimed to simplify practice planning and includes hundreds of drills, practice plans, and the Youth Baseball Skills Matrix.  

Our league uses the Youth Baseball Skills Matrix within our baseball and softball divisions to outline the necessary skills, team concepts, and practice construction suggestions for coaches.

Outlined in each division’s Managers Information sheet (see Coaching Handbook section) are:
1) Instruction Guidelines (links to appropriate matrix for that division and a checklist of Concepts Learned by the end of the season);
2) Game Guidelines; and
3) Rules 

Finally, we highly recommend coaches within each division create open lines of communication (in-person meet-ups, GameChanger, or Slack) with each other to set division expectations/culture, get clarifications on rules, and share favorite drills/learnings.

Download the FREE Little League Rulebook app which contains the Playing Rules for all divisions of Baseball, Softball, and Challenger in one location. The app includes exclusive rule interpretation videos, and automatic updates for future seasons.

WSLL recommends using the FREE GameChanger app to manage schedule, RSVP for games/practices, score and stream games, and message team.

Importing Team into GameChanger
Easily import team roster from WSLL website (SportsConnect) by using these instructions.

Lineup Manager (nominal fee) is an Excel spreadsheet developed to help coaches create and manage their team's lineup and field position assignments.  You can also track batting and pitching statistics, all from within a single spreadsheet.


Manager Information Sheet (by division)
Outlines: 1) Instruction Guidelines (links to appropriate matrix for that division and a checklist of Concepts Learned by the end of the season); 2) Game Guidelines; and 3) Rules 

    o  Baseball: Tee Ball
    o  Baseball: Coach Pitch
    o  Baseball: Rookies
    o  Baseball: Minors
    o  Baseball: Majors
    o  Softball: AA Rookies
    o  Softball: AAA Minors
    o  Softball: Majors
    o  Softball: Juniors

Assessments & Draft Process Overview
Relevant for Rookies Baseball, Minors Baseball & Softball, and Majors Baseball & Softball divisions. 
> Download PDF

WSLL Bylaws
Details on team formation, local rules & guidelines, End of Season (EOS) tournament, All-Stars, and Code of Conduct for players and coaches.  
> Read Bylaws

Volunteer Roster Form
In order for a season to run smoothly, each team will need parent volunteers for roles of Team Parent, Umpires, Scorekeeper, and Field Prep. Please submit this form to the league, so we know the appropriate contact for each team.  
> Google Form

Field Information
Details on field locations and a checklist of preparation and closure tasks
      o  Field Locations
      o  Field Checklist (coming soon)

Posting Game Score Guidance
How to post game scores on WSLL (Sports Connect).  Relevant for Rookies Baseball, Minors Baseball & Softball, and Majors Baseball & Softball divisions. 
> Learn more


Injury Report Form
An incident that causes any player, manager, coach, umpire or other individual to receive medical attention must be reported to the league Safety Officer. This includes even passive treatment confined to the evaluation of an injury. If there is an injury on the field, Managers are required to fill out an Injury Report form and return it to the Safety Officer within 24 hours. Any member of the WSLL community can report injuries. Please err on the side of over-reporting even minor incidents.

Injury Report Submission Form (Google Form) or Download the Injury Form (PDF)

Inclement Weather Policy
·  No games or practices are held when the weather or field conditions are not safe. Inclement weather closure depends on the field conditions and all fields except Bar-S, will be called by Seattle Parks & Rec during the day (weekdays at 12:30 and 3:30pm). Sign up for weekday field rainout notification here.

Bar-S rainout guidance:

o   WSLL's Fields Director will make the game/no-game call by 3:15pm.
o   If rain is forecasted between 3:15 and 4:45pm, the WSLL Director of Coaching and Fields Director will communicate directly with the coaches impacted.
o   If rain comes through late, rainout decision will be up to the discretion of the coaches and umpire.

·   If the rain is too heavy and Parks haven't notified WSLL of field closures, coaches and umps can make the call, keeping safety and comfort of the players in mind.
If there is lightning around - and this is applicable for all fields - games must be delayed until 30 mins after the last lightning strike was observed.

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If you have questions about coaching, contact our Director of Coaching at [email protected].

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