Scorekeeping overview

Baseball and softball scorekeeping involves more than just keeping track of how many runs cross the plate. In fact, scorekeeping — a system of numbers, symbols and methodology that is as much a part of the game as an old glove — is a language all its own. But it's not hard to learn. And once you're fluent in scorekeeping, you're ready to keep track of every pitch, every at-bat, every hit and every out. 

At WSLL and Little Leagues across the world, the scorekeepers are one of the most important officials at the ball field. Keeping the book doesn't mean that they only keep the score, they need to know the actual rules of the game and for the division of play they are scorekeeping. They keep many vital stats that not only assist with knowing the score of the game, but some of the stats they keep assist with player safety as well, like keeping the pitchers pitch count.

The earlier you start to learn to score keep a game, the easier it will be to learn the new aspects of each division. If you start when your ball player is in Rookies, it will be easier for you to learn the nuances of the Minors, Majors and Juniors division as your ball player rises through the divisions. 

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Scorekeeping by division

In the Tee Ball and Coach Pitch divisions, no score is kept.

Rookies: The home team is responsible for providing the official scorekeeper for the game. Both teams will use the GameChanger App scorekeeping tool to score every game.

MinorsMajors, 50/70 and Juniors: The home team is responsible for providing the official scorekeeper. Both teams will use the GameChanger App scorekeeping tool to score every game. The home team GameChanger scorebook will be the official game book. Scorekeeping shall be done in accordance with LLI rules.

Scorekeeper Training

WSLL Scorekeeper Training: Overview of responsibilities and tasks of a scorekeeper, how to use the GameChanger app, and tips for scorekeepers.

Division-Specific Scorekeeper Tips: 
·    Rookies Baseball
·    Minors Baseball
·    Majors Baseball
·    Minors Softball
·    Majors Softball
·    Juniors Softball

Bar-S Scoreboard Operating Instructions: Instructions for operating the scoreboards at Bar-S fields.

GameChanger UniversityThis course will help you learn everything from setting your lineup to scoring difficult plays and fixing mistakes. 

GameChanger Scorekeeping Cheat Sheet: Simple, step-by-step directions that can turn anyone into a scorekeeper.

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