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Open board positions

Interested in joining the WSLL Board? Contact [email protected]  All positions are voted on annually so if you want to throw your hat in the ring please let us know. 

The Board is responsible for the organization and operation of the league. Board members meet monthly. Please refer to the About Us page for a list of current board members.

Board Position Descriptions


  • Direct and leads the board and overall activities of WSLL.
  • Preside at league meetings.
  • Responsible for the conduct of the league as chartered, in strict conformance with the policies, principles, rules and regulations of Little League Baseball.
  • Serve as liaison between West Seattle Little League and the City of Seattle, other little leagues, and Little League International.
  • Investigate complaints and reports to the board as warranted.
  • Ensure league personnel are properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of Little League.
  • Present condition of the league at the annual meeting


  • Preside over the league in the absence of the President.
  • Work with other officers and committee members.
  • Complete duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.


  • Collect funds that support the league (e.g. fees, snack shack revenue, fundraising money) and dispenses league funds.
  • Keep accurate financial records (e.g. bank statements, tax filings, receipts, etc).
  • Report on the status of league funds; prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all league finances.


  • Keeps records of league activities and files.
  • Record minutes at board meetings including attendance, all orders of business, votes, and resolutions.
  • Distributes minutes and any other material
  • Maintains the board meeting schedule, send reminders to board members

PLAYER AGENTS (1 for each visitation - Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Rookies, Minors, Majors)

  • Recruit managers and coaches at each level.
  • Divide players into teams per league rules. Monitor teams to ensure players are at appropriate level and move players if necessary.
  • Meet with managers prior to the start of the season to review rules, set expectations, and give advice.
  • Conducts pre-season assessments (for applicable divisions) and facilitates player selection.
  • Assist President in checking birth records and eligibility of players.
  • Ensures that play at this level is running smoothly and resolve any issues between managers, players, and families.


  • Prepares and presents a coach/manager training budget to the board.
  • Uses funds approved by the Board to implement a league-wide training program for players, coaches, and managers.
  • Orders and distributes training materials to players, coaches and managers.
  • Schedules and develops a program for mini-clinics, as necessary.
  • Helps implement as the manager-coach education program for WSLL.
  • Support, as necessary, the Vice President in overseeing the West Seattle Little League Code of Conduct.


  • Recruit adult and junior umpires
  • Train umpires or identify training resources.
  • Manage umpire schedule
  • Work with managers to ensure rules are understood
  • Receive feedback on the conduct and quality of umpires and address as appropriate.


  • Inventories all uniforms at the beginning of each season.
  • Develops, for approval of the Board, a budget for the purchase or replacement of uniforms for all divisions.
  • Organizes and separates all uniforms.
  • Orders new uniforms, if needed, consistent with the budget approved by the Board.
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer to disburse funds for any new purchases.
  • Assigns uniforms.
  • Collects uniforms.
  • Orders caps and socks.
  • Orders Umpire apparel.
  • Orders All Star apparel for the teams.


  • Prepares and submits a budget to the Board by November for the annual purchase of equipment.
  • Ensures that all equipment is in proper working shape and meets all safety standards.
  • Inventories equipment and ensures it is secure.
    Works with the Safety Director to secure appropriate safety equipment for each team and to distribute the equipment to team managers.
  • Ensures that there is enough equipment for each team.
  • Purchases baseball equipment, consistent with the budget approved by the Board.
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer to disburse funds for equipment purchases.
  • Distributes equipment to team managers in all divisions.
  • Orders and distributes equipment for All Star teams.
  • Coordinates with team managers to ensure return all equipment.


  • Serves as the point of contact with the Parks Department on scheduling required maintenance of fields.
  • Communicates with Parks Department grounds crew for non-field work at Bar-S.
  • Provides a budget, by December of each year, for the maintenance of Bar-S.
  • Recruits and coordinates volunteers to help maintain the fields.
  • Develop and implement a plan to recruit a limited group of volunteers to provide consistent maintenance of the fields
  • Schedules maintenance of the fields, and overseas any independent contractors engaged to maintain or improve the fields.
  • Secures and maintains field equipment and inventory.


  • Manage the league's official website, Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Ensures WSLL news and scores are updated online on a regular basis.
  • Communicates with the West Seattle Blog on key events.
  • Distributes important information on WSLL activities including fundraising events, league information, and key calendar dates.


  • Coordinate all safety activities
  • Ensure the safety in player training
  • Ensure safe playing conditions
  • Coordinate reporting and prevention of injuries
  • Solicit suggestions for making conditions safer, and reports suggestions to Little League International through the league President
  • Report all necessary information to the District and ensures that all background checks are taken care of and all fields and coaches
  • have adequate first aid supplies and ice packs.


  • Sends out all non-coaching league and team information to each team parent volunteer.
  • Solicits and collects contact info for a team parent for each team.
  • Ensures that all team parents understand their role as a team parent.
  • Ensures that all team parents receive all of the required information put out by the Board.
  • Coordinates participation in Mariner Little League Day, including collection of funds, ordering tickets, and distributing tickets.
  • Plans and schedules picture day, and distributes pictures when received.
  • Assists Vice President with End of Season picnic planning and coordination.
  • Oversees Scorekeeping functions. Prepares and executes training. Procures and distributes all scorekeeping materials to teams. (Can delegate to someone who is more familiar with Scorekeeping.)
  • Fields and finds answers to team parent questions posed during the season.
  • Supports all Team Parent Volunteers.


  • Reserves fields with Parks Department and Schools.
  • Create schedule for all divisions for games and practices per guidelines.
  • Maintain schedule during season.
  • Facilitate changes as required.


  • Manage snack shack operation.
  • Work with buyers, replenish supplies, help with bookkeeping and organization of the Snack Shack.


  • Manages all communication for sponsorship, including development of prospective sponsorship packets.
  • Pursues renewal of past sponsors.
  • Seeks new sponsors.
  • Ensures sponsors are getting exposure through the production and placement of banners, and coordinates with the
  • Communications Director to ensure sponsors are recognized on the WSLL website and in communications to local media.
  • Introduces new methods of marketing for sponsorship.

Join the board

Interested in joining the WSLL Board? Contact [email protected].


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