Parent volunteer opportunities

TEAM MANAGER – 1 per team
This position is the team lead in charge of team players, assistant coaches, and all communications between the League and parents regarding schedules, changes, and rainouts. Managers instruct players in proper baseball skills, produce player lineups and provide overall player support and encouragement. Managers also help secure team parent, team scorekeeper and field maintenance persons (when applicable).

Managers are subject to board approval and are not guaranteed a coaching position from year to year.  This position also requires attendance at Manager meetings and possible instructional sessions/coaching clinics.

Some prior knowledge of baseball is definitely helpful, but we have many resources available for both first-time and experienced managers. If you have leadership skills, and have the ability to teach and coach young kids, you could be a great fit for team manager!

Visit our Coaches Corner page for more info and resources.

TEAM COACH – 1-2 per team
This position assists the Manager with anything involving team practices, player organization, skill building, game operations, equipment handling, and general player and team support. This position also needs to assist the field maintenance person(s) with field setup and break down before and after games.

Visit our Coaches Corner page for more info and resources.

TEAM PARENT – 1 per team
The position assists the manager and coaches with parent and team communications and general team support. 

Team parent role also includes: 
  - Organizing and tracking volunteers among the team to help with events and games
  - Sending out team communications to parents
  - Distributing pictures from team picture day
  - Coordinate ticket orders for Mariner’s Little League Game Day
  - Planning the team’s end of season party (if desired)
  - Organizing player trophies or appropriate coaches’ gifts (if desired)
  - Ordering team sweatshirts (if desired)

This position will be responsible for maintaining the fields before and after games. It is beneficial to solicit additional help from team parents as well. 

Duties may include:
  - Attend mandatory pre-season field maintenance training
  - Relay and act as trainer to parents that sign up to help out
  - Assist at field prep days
  - Manage and perform pre-game and post-game field maintenance duties (home team)
  - Includes chalking, dragging the field before and after game, covering the mound and home plate

UMPIRES (Rookies, Minors, Majors - and other old divisions only)
Team umpires are parent volunteers as well as junior umpires from our Junior Volunteer Program. Volunteer umpires are needed at the upper divisions to referee games, and is probably the most important league role next to team manager. Umpires are responsible for ensuring the fairness and safety of our games. Training is required. Our non-competitive divisions (Tee Ball, Coach Pitch) do not require umpires since the games are not scored.

Visit our Umpires page for more info and resources.

SCOREKEEPER – 1 per team (Rookies, Minors, Majors - and other old divisions only)
This position is required to attend and keep score at each game according to the team schedule.

The Home team must provide the Scorekeeper to keep Official Score (in GameChanger) for that game. Visiting team also provides a Scorekeeper for backup and also provides the scoreboard operator.

Arrive to field 15 minutes before game time begins
Keep score – track the pitch count, hits, walks and errors

Visit our Scoreekeepers page for more info and resources.

SNACK SHACK LEADS - 2 shifts per week
These volunteers help with opening/closing shifts, and will support our Teen Leads and Junior Volunteers to operate the Snack Shack located at Bar-S.

Each Adult Lead would commit to working 2 shifts per week.
On weeknights, shifts are either the full hour prior to the start of the first game, or the last 1/2 hour of the game and the 1/2 hour beyond that. (For example, if the games are 5:00-7:30, the opening shift would be 4:00-5:00 and the closing shift would be 7:00-8:00)
On Saturdays, opening shift is from 8:00-9:00 am, and closing shift is the same as on weeknights.
Duties include prepping/cooking food in preparation for opening, stocking, cleaning, supervising Junior Volunteers, and communicating with Teen Leads.
Must have a current Food Worker Card and be committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

Apply by emailing [email protected]

GENERAL VOLUNTEERS: 2-3 hour shifts
There are a number of special events throughout our Little League season. This position will act in any number of ways to ensure those events run smoothly. Some of the necessary areas required would be set up, check-in table, clean up, etc.

WSLL special events include:
  - Assessments
  - Field maintenance days
  - Jamboree
  - Picture Day
  - End of Season Picnic
  - Others: Clinics, Field Improvement Day, Tournaments, Playoffs, etc.


In the spirit of developing our youth, we are proud to announce the official launch of the West Seattle Little League Junior Volunteer Program for teens ages 13-18 attending middle or high school.  

For year one we are looking for Snack Shack and Umpire volunteers. Junior Volunteers will receive a free menu item, beverage and a portion of the tips donated for each shift. After the first three shifts, participating teens will also receive a portion of dollars donated at the beginning of the year to the Junior Volunteer Program by our parents and sponsors. 

Volunteer hours will count toward school requirements. The Junior Volunteer Program (JVP) is a great way for teens to build character, courage and loyalty that will ultimately lead to more leadership opportunities.

How to Register as a Volunteer

Here's how to register as a WSLL volunteer:

1. Login to your account on this site.
2. Click on My Account.
3. Click Volunteer in the left-hand nav.
4. Click the Find Volunteer Roles button.
5. Click the appropriate role.


For general questions on volunteer opportunities, contact [email protected]

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