Registration FAQ

What division should I select for my player?
Please see the tee ballbaseball and softball divisions of play for details on the typical ages, skill levels, and rule enforcement at each level.

What is the "league age" of my player?
- For tee ball and baseball, the league age is your player's age on August 31st of the calendar year of that given season (after the season is over).
- For softball, January 1st is the age determination date.

Little League has a helpful league age calculator to easily find your player's league age.

What is required for verifying residency?
Please review section 3 of the Registration page for more information.

What is the League ID on the School Enrollment form?
Our League ID is 4470709

The School Enrollment form doesn't list my player's division. What should I do?
For Tee Ball and Coach pitch please select Tee Ball. For Rookies and Minors please select Minors. For Majors please select LL (Majors). Unfortunately we can't modify the form from Little League International standards.

What do I use if my player is in pre-school in the boundaries OR my player goes to school outside the boundaries but we live in the boundaries?
If you are not able to use the school enrollment form due to one of these situations, you may provide three additional forms to prove residency. The full list can be found on the bottom of the Boundaries Page of our website and include most official residency forms, bills, driver's license etc. 

When I utilized the softball league finder for my address it says: "We're sorry, but we couldn't find a league near you that offers softball"
Since your “home league” doesn’t offer softball, you are eligible for a waiver to play with WSLL. Please proceed with registration and WSLL will process the waiver for you. Note that this applies to softball only as there is not another Little League in the West Seattle area that offers a softball program.

I want my player to play up/down a division - what do I do?
If you want your player to play up or down a division, please register your player according to their age and email [email protected] with your request and copy any previous coaches on your request. Requests will be discussed with the Director of Coaching and previous coach to determine final placement/or assessment requirements for final placement.  

My player wants to play with friends. How do I request that?
You may request a specific coach or specific friends for Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Rookies (softball only). There is a field in the form during the registration process to include your request. It is unfortunately not guaranteed but we try our best. For Rookies (baseball only), Minors, and Majors, players are drafted after an assessment day and no special requests may be made outside of siblings on the same team (if requested).

If you already registered and didn't include your friend/coach request (Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Rookies (softball only)), you may edit the form after submission. 

1. Login to your WSLL account
2. Click on 'My Account' from the left-hand menu
3. Click on the pencil icon next to your player's name
4. Edit the friend and coach request fields to include your request
4. Click 'Save'

When will I find out what team my child will play on?
Players and their parents will be directly contacted by their manager by phone or by email in late February/early March. If you don't hear from a manager by March 10, 2023, please contact [email protected].

How much does it cost to play for one player?
Registration fees vary by division and may be found on the Registration Page (fees will be displayed on the page during the open registration period).

If a player decides not to play, is it possible to get a refund?
If a player decides to withdraw, a refund of registration fees minus the service fee is available only up to the time of a player's first game. Parents should contact the [email protected] about the decision not to play and a refund.

I'd like to inquire about a scholarship - who do I reach out to?
Please reach out to [email protected]. You can also find more info on our scholarships page.

Website support/questions

As board volunteers, we manage league administration questions and support. The website is hosted by SportsConnect and any technical support should be submitted to them for assistance. When registering, we recommend using a desktop device for optimal experience and to limit issues.

If your question isn't answered below, please visit the SportsConnect Parent Registration FAQ for website registration and profile management related questions.

SportsConnect support
When you are logged into your account you should see an icon in the lower left corner that says: Support When you click on this button it opens up a knowledge base that may be able to help you troubleshoot your problem directly.

If you are unable to find what you need there is an option to Contact Us and that goes directly to the website support.  You can also contact SportsConnect at 866-258-3303.

How do I add another adult to the account?
See info here.

How do I change my password?
Go to your account page (top right icon). Click on the 'Edit Account Info' wheel icon. Scroll to the bottom of the form where you can edit your password and click 'Save'.

I forgot my Username or Password?
Your username will be the email address associated to the account.
Sports Connect moved to a single sign-on (SSO) in October of 2021. When you log in to your Sports Connect account on/after October 27, 2021, you will be prompted to create new login credentials by entering the email address associated with your account. This is only required one-time to update your account. For complete details, see the new login FAQ.

Programs & Other FAQ

Does West Seattle Little League (WSLL) offer a fall season?
WSLL does not offer a fall baseball/softball season; we only offer a spring season. For our spring season, we generally open registration in the mid-December timeframe.

Where can I find important league dates so that I can mark my calendar?
Visit WSLL's Important Dates page and check back often as the planning for our season evolves, we continue to update the page with confirmed dates/times.

When does the season start and end?
Exact dates vary each year, but the season generally begins in early-March and concludes in either late-May/early June (Tee Ball and Coach Pitch) or mid-June (Rookies, Minors, and Majors).

When and where are practices and games?
Practices and games vary in quantity and location by division but general outlines can be found for each division on the division page. The schedule is set after all teams have been formed. Practices and games are held at several fields throughout West Seattle.
What equipment does my player need?
Required equipment to be provided by families:
  - Baseball glove
  - Shoes (athletic or cleats)
  - Athletic supporter and cup for boys
  - Water bottle

Optional equipment to be provided by families:
  - Baseball bat (must be Little League approved)  
  - Personal helmet (due to health concerns with sharing headgear, we recommend each player have their own helmet)
  - Batting gloves 
  - Extra baseball pants
  - Gear bag

Equipment provided by WSLL:
  - Team balls
  - Two team bats
  - Two team helmets (hat must be worn under) 
  - Team catcher gear
  - Team jersey
  - Baseball pants (players keep after season ends)
  - Baseball socks (players keep after season ends)
  - Baseball hats (players keep after season ends)

Please contact [email protected] if your family needs assistance to outfit your child with appropriate equipment. WSLL is committed to including all players who wish to play and we will help your child acquire what he/she need.


What is the difference between the Intermediate 50/70 and Juniors division?
Intermediate 50/70 is for players age 13 and uses 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths.
The Juniors division is for age 13-16 and uses the conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches. Modified diamond dimensions may be used during the regular season.

What do we do with the Medical Release forms?
The Medical Release forms should be completed and given to you team head coach/manager or team parent. The coach will keep all completed forms with them and bring them to all games and practices. This is information that can assist the coach if there is an injury to a player and the parents cannot be located or are not at the practice or game. The coach or team parent will collect these at the first team meeting or practice.

How do I volunteer for a team position?
Login to your WSLL profile > select ‘Volunteer’ > select ‘Find Volunteer Roles’.

How do I change the volunteer position(s) I signed up for?
Login to your WSLL profile > select ‘Volunteer’
The position(s) you're currently signed up for will be listed. You can delete positions and/or select 'Find Volunteer Roles' in the top-right corner to select additional role(s).

Where can I learn more about WSLL's COVID-19 and other safety protocols?
Please see our safety page for more info.

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