West Seattle Little League baseball and softball team umpires are parent volunteers as well as junior umpires from our Junior Volunteer Program. Volunteer umpires are needed at the upper divisions to referee games, and is probably the most important league role next to team manager. Umpires are responsible for ensuring the fairness and safety of our games.

Below you'll find more information on each of the programs, training and game scheduling information, and other resources for umpires and anyone else interested in the rules of the game.

Umpires per Division
·    Tee Ball, Coach Pitch – do not require umpires since the games are not scored
·    Rookies – home team provides a home plate umpire
·    Minors, Majors, Juniors (and other upper divisions) – home team provides home plate umpire, visitors provide field umpire

Umpire request

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Adult Umpire Program

West Seattle Little League is always looking for adult volunteers who want to umpire. We will provide the training and equipment; you provide your time and enthusiasm.

If you want to volunteer to be an adult umpire, follow the instructions below and register as an umpire. We'll get back in touch with you to tell you when the training is and how to get started. Note that the mandatory Little League background checks are now handled electronically as part of the registration process.

Adult Umpire Registration
1. Login to your existing account or Register a new account
2. Click the "Volunteer" section of your account
3. Click "Find Volunteer Roles"
4. Select the role that you are interested in
5. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the registration form  

All volunteers for WSLL, including umpires, are required to complete an official background check. When you register for a volunteer role, an email with background check details will be sent to all volunteers prior to the start of the season.


Are you a former Little Leaguer, knowledgeable about baseball and/or softball? If so, then the West Seattle Little League Junior Umpire Program might be for you! We are looking for teens who know baseball/softball and who want to umpire games for 8-12 year olds on weeknights after school and on weekends during the day. We will train you and provide the equipment you need.

Junior Umpires are youth that are older than Little League age 12 (according to the league age determining calendar). Junior umpires will be eligible to umpire in games that they are at least one year older than the division oldest age. i.e. League age 13 to umpire in Majors, Minors and below. Umpires will be considered Junior until their 18th birthday.

If you want to join the youth umpire program, email [email protected]. We'll get back in touch with you to tell you when the training is and how to get started.

Umpire Uniform & Equipment

Umpire equipment is provided at in the shed located at Bar-S. When umpiring at other fields in West Seattle, we recommend picking up equipment at least 24-48 hours before your game.

WSLL issues the following equipment:
·    Umpire shirt and hat
·    Chest protector
·    Shin guards
·    Face guard
·    Belt pouch containing plate brush and count indicator
·    Little League rule book (limited supplies)

The following equipment is the responsibility of the umpire:
·    Protective cup
·    Pants (gray is the preferred color)
·    Shoes (black is the preferred color; reinforced toe recommended for Majors, umpire preference for lower levels; sturdy shoes recommended at all levels)

Umpire Training Resources

Getting trained by experienced Little League staff is the best way to ensure that umpiring is a positive experience for everyone. Our league Umpire in Chief and the Washington District 7 Little League staff provide training for volunteers interested in becoming an umpire at the start of each season. You must attend the session in order to get the umpire. We'll train you to umpire home plate and bases. For complete details on rules, please review the Little League Rule Book (free app available on Apple and Android).

Umpire Resources

 ·    WSLL Bylaws

 ·    Little League International Umpire University

 ·    10 Commonly Misinterpreted Little League Rules

 ·    Making the Call: Your Decision to Umpire

 ·    Little League Umpiring 101

 ·    The Umpire Bible


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Contact Us

If you have questions about umpiring, contact our Umpire in Chief at [email protected].

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