For Baseball Rookies  seeding is by random draw.

For Baseball Minors, Baseball Majors, Software AAA Minors and Softball Majors, seeding is based on record in games against the teams in that tournament. This means it does not include games against interleague teams.

Tie-breakers are based on head-to-head record, runs against, runs against in head to head.

Schedules will be posted Memorial Day weekend. 
To view the end of season tournament brackets, login to your WSLL profile -> from the website main navigation menu, go to 'Team Central' -> 'View Scores' -> select the applicable options from the drop downs.


- EOS tournament is double elimination meaning if you lose twice your team is out of the tournament. 
- Continuous batting order will be in effect for the entire tournament.
- Pitch count rules around number of pitches, days of rest, catching than pitching, pitching than catching, and catching, pitching, then returning to catcher, are all in effect. 
- If a player is hurt, their place in the order can be skipped with no out or penalty for missing. 
- If a player arrives late they will be added to the end of the batting order
- Every player must get 6 consecutive outs in the field to reach minimum playing time, per rule rule 3.03(b).

For complete details on tournament rules, see the bylaws

WSLL Umpire in Chief, Greg Wren, has put out a call to all umpires to staff the various tournament games. You can see the spreadsheet here to see if your game is covered. The home team is still responsible for getting a plate umpire, so please check to see if your game is covered or not. 

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