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Jun, 2024

End of Season Bash!

Join us for our annual WSLL bash for ALL WSLL baseball and softball families on Sunday, June 9, at Bar-S. Baseball Championship games are on Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday morning. Come cheer on the teams and stay for the picnic and other fun activities. If you're new to the league, this is the don't miss event of the season! Please RSVP by 6/7



Sunday, June 9

9:00am - 1:00pm: Baseball championship games

12:00pm: Sign-up opens for Home Run Derby

1:00pm: Food buffet opens, Team Picnics

2:00pm: Last run around the bases for all graduating WSLL baseball and softball players - cheer them on as they run their last lap at Bar-S. On to a bigger field next year!

2:15pm - approx 5:00pm: Home Run Derby begins with the Coaches and Coach Pitch players and ends with Majors/Juniors players

2:30pm: Food tables close

3:00pm: 50/50 raffle draw


*The schedule is an approximation and is subject to change.





This is a chance to celebrate a great season. It can also serve as your end-of-season team get-together to celebrate the players and thank your coaches. The league will provide grill items. 


Families in each division are responsible for bringing food to share for 25 people:     


Tee Ball: Fruit, vegetables, or salads that can be out for 3 hours (Bring serving utensils)

Coach Pitch: Individual served drinks (ex: bottles of water, soda cans, juice boxes)

Rookies BB & SB: Assorted bags of chips

Minors BB: Fruit, vegetables, or salads that can be out for 3 hours (Bring serving utensils)

Minors SB: Individual served drinks (ex: bottles of water, soda cans, juice boxes)

Majors BB & SB: Assorted desserts. Bring serving utensils.       

Juniors SB: Paper plates, forks, napkins


HOME RUN DERBY (Coach Pitch, Rookies, Minors, Majors, Juniors, and ALL BB & SB COACHES)


Calling all Softball and Baseball sluggers! How many dingers can you get for the most points? It's happening again this year: all SB and BB coaches can join the Home Run Derby, too, with a twist: hitting Tee balls off the Tee!

Sign-up will be at the field – players must wear helmets and use USA Little League legal bats. Bring gloves for shagging/fielding.




Cheer on our graduating baseball and softball WSLL players for their last run around the bases. This event will take place at the North Field at 2pm.



We need families to help make this day successful (set up, grilling, clean up, home run derby).


WSLL current Board members will attend the EOS picnic. We are recruiting volunteers for next year's Board of Directors. Please let us know if you are interested. You can also contact [email protected] to learn more.


Parking will be limited. Consider carpooling, parking a few blocks away, or walking in. 

 Please keep kids from climbing the hill and containers at Bar-S. 
Players and coaches, please remove all garbage from the dugouts after your game and place it in the garbage or recycle bins around the field. 

Let’s keep Bar-S beautiful and be respectful neighbors!

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