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Apr, 2022

April 30: Picture Day

Picture day is scheduled for Sat, April 30 at Hamilton View Point.

What time to arrive: 15 mins prior to your scheduled photo time

What players should wear:
full uniform: hats/visors, jerseys, baseball/softball pants, team socks and belts (if part of the uniform). Cleats are not necessary for the photos.

Ordering details:
Legends Sports Photograph users a processing lab that has a preview before you buy service. This service includes many time saving features, such as no packets to fill out, no payments in envelopes and it allows you to get a test message and or an email moments after your child's picture is taken to preview the photos before you purchase them. An option to have a retake take on the same day is available.

For this service to connect the picture to your contract information, the following information will be shared with Legends Photography and their processing lab.

- Player Name
- Parent #1 Email (used only to contact parents about their player's picture)
- Parent #1 Cell Phone Number (used only to contact parents about their player's picture)

What is the data used for any why is it needed?
- It is used to correctly identify each subject at the camera
- To prepare the images for service items that you may need
- To verify the identity of parents/guardians calling and inquiring about their child's portrait
- To protect the privacy and safety of the students, only parents/guardians listed by the league will receive Emails/Texts with access to the images
- Our proofing system will only send the images associated with that parent/guardian contact info

Legends Sports Photography will have a slip of paper for each player on your team already prepared that will help them identify who is who in their system. They have transitioned to a new system that allows for Parents and Guardians to preview proofs of their players images on picture day, so there is nothing for parents to prep ahead of time.

Ordering takes place through the proof link that is received by parents after your picture appointment is complete. In most cases emails arrive within 10 minutes of the completion of your team picture.

Parents – if you do not receive an email with access to your players proof images please do the following,

Check your spam/junk folder. If still can’t find email, contact [email protected] and let us know you did not receive your email. Please share with us your players name so we can look them up.
There are incentives for ordering within 24 hours of your picture appointment so don’t wait to reach out.
For any further questions about picture day please feel free to reach out to Legends at [email protected] and they will gladly assist you!

Schedule for the day:
Time Coach Name Division Team Name
1 8:00 AM Kevin O'Donnell Minors Softball Meteors
2 8:07 AM Sam Reed Minors Blizzards
3 8:14 AM Jacob Richardson Minors Tsunamis
4 8:21 AM Nick Datz Minors Cyclones
5 8:28 AM Bonnie Rice Minors Tornadoes
6 8:35 AM Shondip Chakravarty TBall Electric Eels
7 8:42 AM Brian Rittereiser TBall Wild Things
8 8:49 AM Britt Procopio Rookies Softball Bells
9 8:56 AM Caleb Helm TBall Spotted Owls
10 9:03 AM Dan York TBall Sharks
9:17 AM
11 9:24 AM Clare Piehowski TBall Volcanoes
12 9:31 AM Brent Bonaci Rookies Softball Reign
13 9:38 AM Anthony Marino Rookies Softball Apple Sox
14 9:45 AM
15 9:52 AM Dave Conway Rookies Softball Dragons
16 9:59 AM Trevor Simpson TBall Grey Gulls
17 10:06 AM Dave Conway Challenger
18 10:13 AM Brady Smith CP Olympics
19 10:20 AM Brady Danyluk CP Bombers
20 10:27 AM Isaac Conlen CP Raptors
21 10:34 AM Mark Dollar CP Admirals
22 10:41 AM Jeff Rummel T-Ball Gold Rush
23 10:48 AM Carey Nickels T-Ball Honey Bees
24 10:55 AM Mark Dollar Rookies Metropolitans
11:09 AM
11:16 AM
11:23 AM
25 11:30 AM Chris Messoline TBall Salty Dogs
26 11:37 AM Jason Eakes TBall Sea Lions
27 11:44 AM Tony Colagrossi Minors Softball Gales
28 11:51 AM Travis Albee Majors Softball Bandits
29 11:58 AM Teddy Jacke CP Evergreens
30 12:05 PM Rand Lutomski CP Tides
31 12:12 PM Jesse Van Nostrand TBall Steelheads
32 12:19 PM Andrew McCormick CP Grizzlies
33 12:26 PM Michael O'Neill CP Rainiers
34 12:33 PM Chris Thompson CP Grays
35 12:40 PM Evan Soderquist CP Stealth
36 12:47 PM Sarah Lara Silva CP Trappers
37 12:54 PM Will Wharton Minors Softball Flares
1:08 PM
38 1:15 PM Brian Findlay Majors Dodgers
39 1:22 PM Kristi Burress CP  Killer Whales
40 1:29 PM Jason Crisologo CP  Loggers
41 1:36 PM Chris Kraynek Majors Rockies
42 1:43 PM Rick Silva Majors Padres
43 1:50 PM Kjiel Carlson TBall Sun Dodgers
44 1:57 PM Steve Williams TBall Sea Monsters
45 2:04 PM Darin Johnson Majors Softball Commotion
46 2:11 PM Joe Cutter Majors Softball Comets
47 2:18 PM Ashley Clingan TBall King Crabs
48 2:25 PM Sam Zimbabwe Minors Softball Diamonds
49 2:32 PM Ashley Clingan CP  Thunderbirds
50 2:39 PM Nic Romero CP  Chinooks
2:53 PM
51 3:00 PM Brett Nakastu CP Sea Otters
52 3:07 PM Nick Meyer CP Tridents
53 3:14 PM JP Patino Minors Hurricanes
54 3:21 PM James McCary Minors Lightning Bolts
55 3:28 PM Randy Shigetani Minors Dust Devils
56 3:35 PM Mike Jewett Minors Firestorm
57 3:42 PM David Blau Majors Royals
58 3:49 PM Chris Manderino Majors Angels
59 3:56 PM Knathan Ryan Majors Giants
60 4:03 PM
61 4:10 PM Joshua Snyder Minors Softball Supernova
62 4:17 PM
63 4:24 PM Ryan Sheaffer Rookies Bulldogs
64 4:31 PM Brian Goodnight Rookies Huskies
65 4:38 PM Chris Messoline Rookies Pilots
66 4:45 PM Peter Streight Rookies Sonic Boom
67 4:52 PM Mike Kreiger Rookies Wildcats
68 4:59 PM Aaron Serabia Rookies Softball Vikings
69 5:06 PM Joe Sullivan Minors Softball Storm

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